Training was very beneficial for all of us – we are so thankful for all of the hard work of Josiah Venture and the Czechs to help us prepare for everything. Now, it was the start of Adventure Phase II

After packing our things, our team was guided by 2 translators through a series of 3 buses during our 2 hour travel South. It is interesting how in the Northern Central part of Czech, there are far more rolling mountains and lush lands, compared to the South where it flattens some with patch-work fields separated by tree-lines. This narrow road rolled through cities and small villages with few English words to be seen and we are thankful we had translators as our guide to help navigate us to our next destination.

We're Here!!!

Once we arrived, it was time to get busy to get this camp ready before campers arrived the next day. Dan and Maddie used their amazing painting skills while Lisa helped organize supplies upstairs.

In the morning after breakfast, there were various levels of english classes, ranging from Beginner to Advanced.  Dan and Emmy taught the Advanced class, while Sam and Lisa taught an Intermediate class as. (Class Photo’s Below)

What really made this a more enjoyable experience was the options that were available after lunch.  The afternoon was usually busy with several activities consisting of Crafts, Sports, and various seminars, or you could find a place to rest and enjoy the camp grounds.

Joselyn and Lisa were in charge of the crafts – which was a lot of fun! They had almost an average of 20-30 each day and as busy as that time was, Lisa really enjoyed it.  Not only because she loves crafts, but also it was a time where she could practice more Czech.

Our teammate, Mark, did an amazing job leading afternoon sports – which was a big hit, and of course every summer camp needs some sort of water games

Waiting on the stairs for dinner (Left) and playing a game called “4 Square” afterwards (Above)

Waiting on the stairs for dinner (Left) and playing a game called “4 Square” afterwards (Above)

Our friend Luke put together a great overview of the camp experience