We are now only a few steps away from our last bit of traveling.  The time we spent in Montana visiting with Lisa's family and resting from the long trip was really sweet, and it was a nice and slow pace.   Unfortunately, it went by too quickly.  When your life is chaotic, living out of your van, and not really having a stable rhythm of life, it is good to have a time of rest to enjoy the people around you and reflect on what is to come.  But it was hard to say "see you later" to people you know and love, knowing it will possibly be about 4 years before we come back to visit.

The kids found a baby Antelope on the farm.  

Lisa and fam.  

Andrew feeding his new cousin Teryn.

During our three weeks in Montana Nora turned 4 years old, we spent a few days with Lisa's sister in Helena and met with a few relatives in Billings along the way.  The kids got to enjoy Grandma and Grandpa and all the excitement of the farm.  When I say it went by too quickly, I mean it's hard to believe that what we've been looking forward to for nearly a year is already behind us.  It has been a very fast season.    

Celebrating Nora's 4th Birthday

Had the opportunity to see some of our favorite people from Canada! 

Family Games

Nora playing in the mud

Following a series of high fives in Big Sky Country, we were now set to travel to Dan's hometown of Milwaukee.  While the idea was originally to fly there (since plane costs were down) it seemed a better idea to hold on to the travel van, so we enjoyed the beauty of the countryside a little longer and had the opportunity to catch a few more Czech Flag State pics:

Bartol kids representing their home State!

Usually when the brakes are low, there's a squeal to give you a hint.  Well, our brakes went from functioning to immediate grind in Minnesota.  Thankfully there was place near by that could help us (and it was only a 3 hour wait).

Last major stop before Czech Republic!

Mt. Rushmore

We went West

Since we've been in Wisconsin, we have been on a logistical waiting tour.  Dan's mom and step-dad recently moved to Wind Point, just south of Milwaukee, so it has been a good time helping them with the move and situating the family into a more consistent rhythm until the Visas arrive.  And we have been able to meet with new people and churches along the way, which has only encouraged us more, as we get to see the love of the church in America for the nations.   

Forever grateful for this man.  Because of Stuart Briscoe's faithfulness, I had a good news to believe in during the summer of 2003.

Forever grateful for this man.  Because of Stuart Briscoe's faithfulness, I had a good news to believe in during the summer of 2003.

While we were in the moving process we found out that Andrew is literally my mini-me.

There have been a few hiccups along the way with paperwork for the embassy and the shipping agency, and I can't say it's been simple, but it has all been moving in a forward motion and we are now expecting our Visas to arrive any day now.  If you would join us in prayer, the Visas are the last thing keeping us from getting on a plane and moving into our new home in Olomouc.  

Our heart is to be a resource for the Church in the Czech Republic; to see the local church thrive and multiply through the good news of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection on our behalf.  We are grateful for everyone who has partnered with us to that end along the way and we are all the more excited to plant our feet and begin the work.