1074096_10151747904637110_203189260_o Over the past few weeks I have successfully had my head blown off.  Dealing with issues of epistemology, textual criticism/Genesis, the history surrounding the gospels, post-modernism and the Christian worldview, standards of ethics, how to effectively get mentored, and how to write a research paper, I am surrounded at all corners by amazing subjects.  One of the great aspects of being a student at Denver Seminary is the fact that the professors want to see a strong head/heart connection with the material.  And for that I am grateful to be here.  But I will admit, it is incredibly overwhelming sometimes.


Trying to get the word out about our ministry in the Czech Republic (www.TheBartols.com) and attempting to be a good student, while simultaneously trying to be the best husband/daddy I can be is a task that can only be fulfilled by the power of God.  If you're reading this, that is my prayer request.  That I would prioritize effectively all that is in my charge.  I rue the possibility of isolation, putting ministry and school above family, or not taking time for a sabbath to rest with Jesus.  So with these pitfalls in mind I fight for balance, but I'm not infallible and I need to lean on the Holy Spirit to do this.

Not to sound defeated here.  While it is a lot at once, it is fun.  So though I'm pushing toward a balanced lifestyle at Den Sem, it's not as though it were boring.  I have loved studying theology and apologetics/philosophy for some time now, but this is a really enjoyable challenge.

Pray also that the GI Bill money allowance does not become an extreme headache for us .